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COOKIE CUTTERS 1 - by Kathy Barrick
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I'm always inspired by designs with large areas of solid stitching and spent some time trying to figure out a way to use those areas in a new way.  I had the idea of cookie cutters and how fun it would be to “cut out” cookie cutter shapes of solidly stitched areas of some of my older designs.  These are the results!  It was such a fun project to design!  Because I am constitutionally unable to do anything in a small way, there ended up being more designs than I could possibly fit into one chart, so Cookie Cutters 2 was born.

These were all stitched on 40-Count Boardwalk linen from Colour & Cotton.  Please know that any linen in any count can be used.  Needlepoint Silks were used for each piece with a conversion to DMC provided.  

Listed below are all the Needlepoint Silk colors used in all the designs in Cookie Cutter 1:
121, 202, 207, 209, 243, 293, 328, 421, 422, 472, 512, 523, 561, 562, 563, 564, 623, 663, 693, 771, 854, 867, 952, 953, 954, 964, 965, 972, 975, 984, 988, 991, 993 

Stitch Counts vary and range from 50W x 33H to 83W to 30H.


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