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Germany’s Tentakulum Manufaktur is famous for their Painter’s Threads: handpainted and space dyed threads created from silk, cotton, rayon and metallics. Most products are named for famous artists, whose usual palette, (or that of one of their famous paintings) inspired the vibrant, saturated colour choices. Work with one colourway while varying colour and texture, or combine two or more collections. All work with one another to produce a beautifully coloured surface.

Each Tentakulum thread is unique; although the painting process is the same for each. The colour reveals itself differently on silk, cotton, and rayon materials allowing the artist to vary shade and texture while working with a single colour, or to combine differently coloured collections and still achieve a beautifully blended result. Tentakulum threads can be used in counted thread work, crocheting, embroidery, knitting, lace making, patchwork, quilting, spinning and weaving and are wonderful for use in any mixed media work.

The threads are created by a special form of space dye that cannot be found anywhere else. They catch the eye with their multiple colours that have no repeating pattern. Because of the handdyed process, no two skeins will ever be the same, but will always blend perfectly because of the subtle colour changes.

Sub Categories
Soie dÁlger 5 metres

Soie Ovale - 20 metre

Soie Perlee - 20 metre

Soie 1003 - 50 metre

Coton a Broder - 30 metre

Perle #12 Cotton - 30 metre

Rayon Gimp - 10 metres

Crewel Wool 25 metres

RicRac 5m

Ribbon Floss Cotton 5 metres

Painters Threads

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106 Klimt - Ribbon Floss - Painters Threads


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